Quintessential Korean Lifestyle Vloggers

In today’s difficult times, we all need to consume wholesome content which is not just entertaining but positive & motivating at the same time. But the question is, with millions of channels on YT, how can we find the best match for ourselves.

We, here at heartsease, with so much appreciation for Korean aesthetics, bring to you; 5 Korean Lifestyle Vloggers you can watch for a feel-good vibe. You can also checkout our video suggestions for each of these creators.

Anh Lin

What sets Anh Lin apart from other lifestyle YouTubers is that her videos have a calming & soothing effect. Her videos remind us to take time for the things we enjoy and be grateful for all we have. A few months back, I saw her video on 'how to launch a successful YouTube channel' & guess what, she was not sitting with a fancy backdrop and sharing her success story. She beautifully crafted her step by step guidance with recycling a Christmas tree & some healthful cooking visuals. She believes YouTube and social media is a platform to help others rather than making it one big popularity contest.

P.S. Anh Lin is not of Korean Ethnicity.

Yoora Jung

Yoora vlogs about her daily life as a Korean college student living in the US; with a mix of study, fitness, Kpop, beauty, etc. She says it's a good time well we can surely vouch for it! Her vlogs are so basic and so unfiltered that one can personally relate to them.Her editing skills are just mind blowing and literally, make her content so aesthetically groovy. The way she keeps up with her busy schedule, all the studying and creating humble content for 1.44 M subscribers is inspiring and can motivate us to do more ourselves.

Jenn Im

Jenn Im is a Korean American fashion and beauty vlogger who also owns a clothing line named 'Eggie'. Jenn provides wholesome content on life lessons, building new habits, books that can help us improve ourselves, etc. The best part about her channel is that she shares her personal experience on all these topics ( her pregnancy journey, what she learnt in her 20s, how to start our own small business) that makes it so compelling.

Her videos can help us to stay organised and balanced. They motivate us to keep going and proves that it's never too late to add some good things to life.

Michelle Choi

Michelle lives in New York City, the place which is so dear to all of us, thanks to shows like 'friends' & 'Sex and the City. On her channel, she shares her experiences on navigating in her 20s through conversations about mental health, wellness, beauty, and life in New York.

Her living alone diaries are really fun & have this girl next door vibe to it. In just 10 minutes a week, she makes her ordinary & simple life perfectly 'indulging' and 'on fleek’.


Seungahne’s channel proves that we don’t necessarily need a language to express ourselves. It is so fascinating to watch how much she appreciates the small things in life. It reminds us to enjoy what we already have. Her magical videos with such on-point background music give a comforting effect to mind, body & soul. Finally, her channel makes us realise beautiful places can’t be found but only created by us with a positive outlook.

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