3 steps guide to stop being a YouTube pawn

We all have been to the mystical land of Youtube where we all go to have some entertainment time but end up spending half of the day. The plan to watch some YouTube videos just for fun turns into guilt & we finally label ourselves ADDICTS. But this has to break somewhere & it breaks today when you start applying our three steps guide into your life. We assure you that with this guide you will feel more productive and satisfied with yourself. So let us dive into the steps.

STEP 1- Analyse your YouTube consumption

Firstly, you need to understand what type of content are you exactly consuming. Try to evaluate what time of entertainment is personally working for you. Figure out which kind of videos put you in a happy and positive mood. Part 2 of this step is to avoid visual pollution- it is simple, just unsubscribe to it!

STEP 2- Make a playlist to break the YouTube algorithm

Youtube algorithm is the reason why people waste so much of their precision time doing nothing. It is a feedback loop that tailors videos to each viewer’s different interests. It decides which videos will get suggested to individual users.

To come out of this loop, you can put your autoplay on hold and notifications off but, it may not necessarily be enough. So what you can do is, create a few playlists like My Happy space or Heartsease. Then rather than watching anything that shows on your feed, you before only start putting the videos you would like to see for the day into your playlists and stick to it rather than hopping onto any next video with an enticing thumbnail.

STEP 3- Fix a time limit and the right time to watch it

It may feel like the easiest step but can be the hardest for most of us. But no other trick can work here. You need to be disciplined and plan your day well. Just decide on a reasonable amount of time you would like to consume YouTube and STICK TO IT.

Photo Credit- Liza Summer

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