Different Aesthetics To Revamp Your Wardrobe

Fashion aesthetics has been around for ages. While trends may come and go, there’s always a mix of styles that remain in the top tier. Thanks to the rising popularity of Instagram and Tik Tok many more aesthetics have emerged, while some older ones have been taken out the vault.

Between searching up tons of Tik Toks on the subject and a rigorous use of aesthetics wiki (yup, that’s a thing) we at Heartsease have rounded up the most popular aesthetics if you’re looking to change up your wardrobe or even experiment by switching it up.

Soft girl

This aesthetic is known for radiating a dreamy and a romantic vibe. The outfits often include tons of pastel colours including pink, blues and purple. Some of the staples of a soft girl includes giant hair clips, sweaters, florals, baguette bags or even contrasting edgy items like chunky platform boots, if done right.


It refers to an aesthetic that revolves around all things vintage and handmade, gravitating towards a more 70s/80s fashion sense - think crocheted clothing, accessories, wooly cardigans, shirts with a funky collar, long breezy, flowing dresses making them perfect for any given weather.

E - girl

An aesthetic that is taking the internet by storm, usually borrowing most of their looks from anime, goth and fashion cosplays comes off a style which gets easily recognised. Hair clips, a humble plaid skirt, silver jewellery and a sharp eye liner are some of the key items to pull off this look.

Dark Academia

Anything that reminds you of a prep school or a Hogwarts student. Go- to staples include a tweed blazer, sweater vests, long woollen coats, satchel bags and a hint of soft gold jewellery. This aesthetic is marked by warm neutral tones of browns, greys and black, making it an ideal trend for winter.

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