Best 'No Foundation' Makeup for Indian Skin

A few months back, I came across a YouTube channel that completely changed my perception of what beauty & makeup stands for.

This channel is of Haley Kim, innovative & inspiring beauty and self-care content creator. Through her channel, she focuses on helping others get more comfortable & feel confident in their skin.

With this mindset, she started an initiative of No Foundation No Problem. It is a one month challenge that allows you to free yourself from makeup and build a healthy relationship with it again.

After taking this challenge myself, I knew I had to share this with our Heartsease Family because our endeavour is also creating a space where our audience feels the most comfortable and liberated with the content we present.

So we carefully selected these 5 videos focusing on 'No Foundation Makeup' for Indian skin. We hope that these videos give you the motivation and encouragement to celebrate your true self because you are beautiful just the way you are.


Sush Dazzles

Watch Now

Shreya Elizabeth

Nishka Bhura

Face The Glam By Kavya

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