5 Affordable Indian Jewellery Labels that need to be In Your Radar

In India, jewellery has been associated with tradition. They are viewed as wedding, extravagant, investment pieces that double up as heirlooms. Although companies are continuing to make heavy, costly gems, precious jewellery, a new generation of designers is defying conventions and redefining simplicity for Indian consumers. As India adapts to this new aesthetic, it becomes clear that a single, statement piece can do it all. It's not only about dressing up for a special event; you can include edgy jewellery into your everyday work attire. So, whether you're a saree-wearing executive or a pant-suit-wearing corporate boss, these basic jewellery brands will help you create a statement with ease.

Going beyond the usual bling and dazzling metals, here is our pick of contemporary Indian jewellery labels.


Minimal and modern. The Azga handcrafted jewellery is a beautiful mix of art and culture. Their small & unique jewellery pieces are the best pick for office or everyday purposes.

Affordable contemporary Jewellery


Dhaarni is a perfect stop for funky and fashionable jewellerys. Dhaarni jewellers are handcrafted with love blended with cheerful colours and beautiful design to add sparkle in your day.

Indian contemporary Jewellery

Dariyana Jewellery

Vintage lover, Dariyana jewellery are perfect to add that hint of charm in your collection. The matchless antique jewellery are handcrafted or oxidized silver that revive the old culture of wearing silver jewellery.

Affordable contemporary Jewellery


The vintage snob glittery, sparkly pieces are ideal for any jewellery enthusiast. Handcrafted made with love these beautiful pieces are perfect to be worn as a statement piece itself.

Affordable contemporary Jewellery

Myrha by rhea

Handcrafted pieces ideal for everyday wear. Myrhabyrhea jewellery pieces are very simple yet detailed that weaves together morden minimalism and old fashioned elegance.

Affordable contemporary Jewellery

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