4 Easy & Quick Hairstyles when you are running Late

Updated: Jul 18

Hey there lovelies <3 Don’t you hate it when you are going to an important event and you have no idea what to do with your hair? As if this wasn’t enough you are behind schedule for the event as well. Ughh! Hate that feeling. We have all been there.

So, Why don’t you try one of these chop-chop hairstyles and be out of the house in no time? These are easy, effortless, and quick hairstyles when you get the hang of them. These hairstyles will go with any type of outfit either casual or classy look and will help you to accentuate your whole look of the day.

Messy Loose Double Braid

Since childhood, we have so much been in love with braids. Be it sideways or in front or cute double braids, we have tried so many hairstyles. This messy double braid hairdo is one of the basic and classic hairstyles and will pump up the whole casual and nerdy look. So why don’t you try this hairstyle and reminisce all your memories of childhood?

Half Ponytail

If you do not want to open your hair then this hairstyle is the best one to go for. Ariana Grande’s legendary ponytail has made every millennial or gen z go for this hairstyle. You can try this hairdo for any occasion. Whether you are going for brunch or movies with friends; or going to a dinner party with family or even for a date *wink*.

Fake Braid Twist Hairstyle

Are you looking for an effortless hairdo? Well, this hairstyle is best when you do not want to put much effort and still want to look fabulous. Just twist the hair and voila you are done! It will be so quick that this hairdo will become your most favorite and go-to hairstyle every time you step out of the house.

Dutch Braid Side Ponytail

Another effortless hairstyle that is quick and does not require much time. This hairstyle is perfect for girls who are going to college. This is a simple hairstyle with a side braid and a low ponytail. Moreover, this hairdo is perfect for any outfit; be it ethnic or western.

These were the 4 easy and quick hairstyle ideas that will help you to give the perfect final look. If you are new to these hairstyles then you can try them on your friends and family first. Now go and try one of these hairstyles and tell us which one you liked the most. And if you enjoyed this blog post, share it with a friend!

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